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Eurocae WG-72 Activities


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The presentation provides an overview about the activities of Eurocae Working Group 72 (WG-72) starting with a brief synopsis of the context which suggested why such a committee should be established in 2006. It then goes into further detail about the drivers for the work of the committee, which call for the products to be delivered. It addresses some of the challenges with respect to its users. It points out that one of the lessons the committee learned was importance of the focus on the users, such that the products provide their maximum utility. Hence, the users should better be among the participants to achieve this objective. Other industries have dealt with the subject of Information System (or Cyber-Physical) Security long before this industry was forced to consider it. Consequently there are many industry standards and national or international norms, which may help to develop what is deemed needed for Civil Aviation. Equipped with many existing norms, standards and regulations of our own, it is a serious challenge integrating commercial and mostly transversal concepts into the clearly delineated ways our industry designs, develops, integrates, verifies and finally certifies aeronautical products ? not to forget that they must be operated in a safe and secure manner over many decades. The presentation puts the commercial and regulatory environment into context with the work of the group and describes the already published or still planned products. It finishes with an overview of those products on other industry standards, which are part of our rich heritage of norms and standards and concludes with an encouragement to not only make systems security an integral part of the design of the life-cycle of any aeronautical system but to also provide expertise such that the standards support this activity as best as they can.

Daniel P. Johnson, Honeywell International Inc.

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