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Simple instructions on how to successfully upload your video to the SAE Video web page.

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The grant application process can be overwhelming. With several years of incentive program guidance, sustainable transportation services and strategic market assessment expertise, Emisstar LLC has the grant process down to a science. During this presentation, Tiffany Hollon will share her experience as an Emisstar staff member to guide you through the primary steps, preparation and follow-up for a typical grant application. Real-life examples and an application walk-through will demystify the most complicated parts of the process. Throughout the discussion, helpful tips persuasion strategies will be shared to help make your application stand apart from the crowd. Presenter Tiffany Hollon, Emisstar LLC
Edgewater Computer Systems Inc. product RTEdge Platform 1.2 is a software toolset supporting proof based engineering, implementation and deployment of software components, built using the RTEdge AADL Microkernel modeling subset. This is a small subset of the AADL component model and execution semantics, covering threads and thread-groups communicating solely through asynchronous event ports and through explicitly shared data ports. Threads behavior is expressed as state machines and dispatch run time semantics is encoded in a Run-time Executive, enforcing pre-emptive priority dispatch based on statically assigned event priorities, with ceiling priority protocol access to shared data. This simple AADL microkernel semantic core can support all dispatch policies, communication and synchronization mechanisms of a fully fledged AADL run time environment, permitting the systematic use of the RTEdge static analysis tools for AADL compliant software components.
Update on heavy-duty regulations. Presenter Michael J. McCarthy, California Air Resources Board
The development and release process for Cummins first US HD OBD certified product encountered numerous hurdles. Beyond the purely "technical" difficulties, there were also challenges related to our product development processes. This presentation provides recommendations for HD OBD product development processes & improvements. Topics will include: Training needs for program management, Performance tuning strategies vs. OBD needs, Planning for post-certification product changes, etc. Presenter Greg Moore, Cummins Inc.

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