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Hybrid Cost Assessment Plus AMT/Hybrid Concept


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The automotive industry continues to develop new powertrain technologies aimed at reducing overall vehicle level fuel consumption. This paper discusses the development of a new highly efficient parallel hybrid transmission for use in transversely installed powertrains for FWD applications. FEV is developing a new 7-speed hybrid transmission for transverse installation. The transmission with a design torque of 320 Nm is based on AMT (automated manual transmission) technology and uses a single electric motor. The innovative gearset layout combines the advantages of modern AMTs such as best efficiency, low costs and few components (reduced part count) with full hybrid capabilities and electric torque support during all gear shifts. Furthermore, the gear set layout allows for very short shift-times due to the favorable distribution of inertias. Other features include an A/C compressor being electrically driven by the electric motor of the transmission during engine start/stop phases.

Greg Kolwich, FEV Inc.

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In Oct. 2011, Nissan announced its new six-year environmental plan, Nissan Green Program 2016 (NGP 2016), that includes initiatives to lead fuel efficiency: 35% fuel economy improvement compared with 2005 on a corporate average for all Nissan vehicles sold in Japan, China, Europe and the United States. To achieve this target, we`re planning to launch products delivering class-leading fuel efficiency such as an all-new FWD hybrid model, Introducing a next-generation continuously variable transmission (CVT). In this session, Nissan`s apploach for fuel erfficiency is presented with internal-conbustion powered technology evolution and hybridization, referring to new FWD hybrid system. Presenter Taiichi Onoyama, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.
Bicyclists know that have five gears is better than three, and ten gears is better than five. Those extra gear ratios make riding easier and more efficient. The same is true with cars and trucks. In this episode of SAE Eye on Engineering, Editor-In-Chief Lindsay Brooke looks at ten-speed transmissions making their debut this year. SAE Eye on Engineering also airs Monday mornings on WJR 760 AM Detroit's Paul W. Smith Show. Access archived episodes of SAE Eye on Engineering.
Micro-pitting is a fatigue effect that occurs in geared transmission systems due to high contact stress, and monitoring its progression is vital to prevent the eventual failure of the tooth flank. Parameter signature analysis has been successfully used to monitor bending fatigue failure and advanced phases of gear surface fatigue failure such as macro-pitting and scuffing. However, due to modern improvements in steel production the main cause of gear contact fatigue failure can be attributed to surface micro-pitting rather than sub-surface phenomena. Responding to the consequent demand to detect and monitor the progression of micro-pitting, this study experimentally evaluated the development of micro-pitting in spur gears using vibration and oil debris analysis. The paper presents the development of an online health monitoring system for use with back-to-back gear test rigs.

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