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  • 04-Mar-2014 08:06 EST

10 Years of NAIPC

The North American International Powertrain Conference (NAIPC) is an exclusive, executive-level event where the most profound issues in the automotive industry are presented, discussed, and debated; focusing on current and future challenges and opportunities in the North American powertrain market.

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The use of Engine Health Management (EHM) systems has been growing steadily in both the civilian and the military aerospace sectors. Barring a few notable exceptions (such as certain temperature and thrust margin monitoring) regulatory authorities around the world have not required these systems to be certified in any way. This is changing rapidly. New airframes and engines are increasingly being designed with the assumption that EHM will be an integral part of the way customers will operate these assets. This leads to a need for better guidelines on how such systems should be certified. The SAE E-32 committee on Propulsion System Health Monitoring is leading an industry-wide effort to develop a set of guidelines for certifying EHM systems. Since software plays a critical role in these systems, and since the hardware and the system-level aspects of certification have been covered thoroughly by other standards such as ARP 4754A, the emphasis of this initial effort is EHM software, and will result in an Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP 5987) titled, “Guidelines for Engine Health Management System Software Assurance Levels.” In this paper, we summarize ARP 5987, which is due to be published towards the end of 2011, and walk the reader through a real-life example (related to managing life limited parts) to illustrate clearly how these guidelines can be applied.
The traction motor is key to the “synergy of the electric powertrain”, the overall functionality of the battery, e-motor, power control electronics, and charging system. Therefore some automakers have decided to design, develop, and produce their traction motors in house while some others are working with suppliers for their electric power train motors. Off-the-shelf motors, no matter how extensively they are adapted for a specific application, can compromise the efficiencies of the propulsion system. Presenter Marc Winterhoff, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
In Oct. 2011, Nissan announced its new six-year environmental plan, Nissan Green Program 2016 (NGP 2016), that includes initiatives to lead fuel efficiency: 35% fuel economy improvement compared with 2005 on a corporate average for all Nissan vehicles sold in Japan, China, Europe and the United States. To achieve this target, we`re planning to launch products delivering class-leading fuel efficiency such as an all-new FWD hybrid model, Introducing a next-generation continuously variable transmission (CVT). In this session, Nissan`s apploach for fuel erfficiency is presented with internal-conbustion powered technology evolution and hybridization, referring to new FWD hybrid system. Presenter Taiichi Onoyama, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.
The fatty acid methyl esters (FAME's) - in Europe mostly RME (Rapeseed methyl ester) - are used in several countries as alternative biogene Diesel fuels in various blending ratios with fossil fuels (Bxx). Questions often arise about the influences of these biocomponents on the modern exhaust aftertreatment systems and especially on the regeneration of Diesel particle filters (DPF). In the present work different regeneration procedures of DPF systems were investigated with biofuels B0, B20 & B100. The tested regeneration procedures were: passive regenerations: DOC + CSF; CSF alone, active regenerations: standstill burner; fuel injections & DOC. During each regeneration on-line measurements of regulated and unregulated emission components (nanoparticles & FTIR) were conducted. It can be stated that the increased portion of RME in fuel provokes longer time periods to charge the filter with soot. This is due to the lower PM-emissions of the engine, as well as to the higher reactivity and higher SOF-portion of the particle mass from RME.

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