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  • 03-Mar-2016 03:43 EST

Interested in Getting Involved With SAE But Not Sure Where to Start?

Richard Greeves, Former SAE Present and Member for thirty-four years, gives students the steps for getting involved with SAE. Become an SAE Member today. Visit www.sae.org/membership.

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SAE International is the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineers, and SAE International is moving forward. Take a look at where we come from, where we are, and where we are going.
The Cal State, Long Beach FSAE teams talks to us about working together with the other local teams.
The Pennsylvania State University is one of 16 North American universities that participated in the EcoCAR advanced vehicle technology competition (http://www.ecocarchallenge.org/). A series-hybrid-electric vehicle based on a General Motors crossover SUV platform has been designed, built and tested for this purpose. The powertrain features a 1.3 L turbodiesel engine running on a B20 fuel system, a 75kW generator directly coupled to the engine and advanced lithium-ion batteries. In this paper, the vehicle architecture and control strategy are detailed and performance predictions (e.g., acceleration, fuel consumption and emissions) are presented. This includes discussion of the development process that led to the selected designs. The predicted performance is compared with data obtained on a chassis dynamometer and during on-road measurements over specified drive cycles. Presenter Shawn Getty
While Donald Trump was blasting China for allegedly taking U.S. jobs, GM was quietly importing new China-made vehicles into the U.S. In this episode of SAE Eye on Engineering, Editor-In-Chief Lindsay Brooke looks at the future of China-made vehicles in the U.S. SAE Eye on Engineering also airs Monday mornings on WJR 760 AM Detroit's Paul W. Smith Show. Access archived episodes of SAE Eye on Engineering.

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